Good Question! I'm glad you asked!

But before i get into that! I need to tell you how I came to find them,  and to do that I need to take you on a crazy weird adventure back in time. Come with me and step into my time machine (which is super cool BTW. Bright pink and purple polka dots and loads of on point music to keep us entertained on our way there! Here we are, back at Wyong High School .Yes I admit it. I went to school in the Bronx! Hey, this girl knows where she comes from and represents! Damn Straight! (I would have entered a weird peace sign hand emoticon thing but I have no idea how to do that! Technology! Wait for me!) Anyway, High School. The smell of rubbish, girl's impulse deodorant and boys body odor or was it their feet. Gross. My school days were the same as yours I'm sure. The bitchy girls you cant stand so you move to the boys hang to avoid them, the annoying teachers with their expectations and rules, "Renee, where is your uniform?" I would nervously handover the fake note i wrote earlier in the morning whilst mum was still asleep. I'd stand nervously in my jeans and school jersey with my outstanding polka face.  (Totally worked for 6 months til i got busted after they called my mum to find out why my school skirt had been dirty for 6 months. Forgery lesson learnt early, tick that box.) I had the bully experience too. "Renee Simpson is a SLUT" was splashed over the school toilets. They did such a great job too that there was actually no space for me to write a reply. Not fair really. The school wasn't happy because they had to pay to have someone repaint the toilets after that! For the record I was only 13 at the time so what they wrote was not in fact true! Yes, I had the fights, the punch up's, the death notes handed to me in class, the car crash, the parties, the after school job, rad teaches, means ones too, a mum and dad that didn't get me or the fact i just liked reading, listening to music, talking to my friends on the phone and writing in my journal. Guess what! They took my door off the hinges and accused me of being anti social! Seriously, that's what they did. Quite simply, I had enough on my plate with boys i liked, friends, homework, not being allowed to do what i wanted and I did not wish to spend my time arguing about how my skirt was too short, the pimples they felt the need to point out, my choice of friends, their hick ideas about asylum seekers, indigenous people, asians, same sex relationships, the environment and which bat man movie came out first. Go away! For the record, over the years i did wear them down and they are much more open minded about things now. You put your gay friends in front them one day and they quickly learn to be accepting. Winning! So, Where was I? Yes, so i was the black sheep, the weirdo, I was too deep, I was too skinny, I could talk under water, I was outrageous, I spoke up for my rights, I was too emotional, I smoked in the school car park, I was everybody's friend, I had the boyfriend,  I had one best friend, I was smart (but until year 10 you have to pretend your not then you don't give a s#*t what anyone thinks of you. Then you just buckle down and get the hell out of there so you can start REALLY having a good time and start making some ACTUAL good friends and all on your own terms!!) Independence is the best! But something was always missing. I felt different. Alone. Bored. Like i didn't feel comfortable being myself with ANYONE. i wasn't sure what it was. I finished High School and got lost for a few years (experimented  with drugs, partied four days a week, worked a few jobs, had loads of sickies and went to TAFE). I went over seas for a couple of years and did the same thing over there. Partied, made friends and had a look around. Loved it. I had a great time! I came back, only after i received the tragic news my brother had died. He was 16 years old. I was lost and fell into a dark place that took me years to crawl out of. Not a pretty sight really and not something i like to talk about. A "perfect mess" I was once described as. I was stuck in this downward spiral and i was drowning fast. So after the intervention. Oh yes, there was an intervention. I made a truce i would take better care of myself and I would find a way to feel happy again.

I met a cool lady three months later on work placement who  sparked my interest. She was an old hippy lady and she told me about women's circles. I went straight home and googled what the Frick is a women's circle.

I discovered throughout history, “Women’s Circles” have been banned, concealed, forbidden and remained underground for hundreds of years because men started to fear the power of women coming together as a collective! And only in recent years have women started to bring back the old tradition of circle gatherings.

It sounded perfect! I had just started on my crazy self help reading journey about how to find true happiness  (which I've been on for 7 years now.) I was raring to go, excited to enter this new mysterious world. I discovered you had to be an insider to even hear about these circles. They were a secret. A place off limits to outsiders. I was lucky enough at age 24 to be invited by an insider! 

 I was a bit freaked out to start with. There was crystals, incense burning, the leader hugged me which made me feel really loved straight away, all the ladies there were really nice to me,  and many different women from all walks of life, we talked about where we were at in life and anything that was bothering us in our lives. I thought this is great! Finally women i can talk to and i can just be myself and not judged or criticized and no one tries to rescue me or tell me what to do. I could just speak and be accepted! The only thing i noticed was I was the youngest. Between 20 - 40 years younger then the next which made me feel a little uncomfortable about sharing the fact my issue was with an ex boyfriend at the time who had tried to make out with my friend whilst we were at a party or the fact i kept experiencing black outs as a result of heavy drinking because that was my means of coping with it (Yep, i told you. A downward spiral). When i stared at the cute old lady sitting in front of me talking about how she was feeling about losing her mobility. I thought. Awkies. Not saying anything about whats really going on for me. Instead I chose to talk about a fight i had with my mum which I thought was much more suited to the audience. Awkward moment avoided. 

But what I noticed after the circle was this miracle. This transformation. This remarkable sensation which i can not put into words. This tremendous sense of self worth. I felt grateful and honored to be alive. I had direction and purpose. I had this confidence I had never felt before. I stopped fighting myself and everyone else. This was the power of the circle! And let's just say I never looked back! 

5 years later and loads of circle experience and a solid successful career working in the youth sector. I have decided to blow the lid on women's circles and share the secrets with our young girls too. This is how i founded Born2BWILD with the vision to start "Sister Circles" all around the world! A safe place for our young girls to go to share and feel accepted, loved, heard and celebrated without judgement or criticism. A magical place for them to have a laugh, feel normal, inspire them to take ownership and avoid the isolation that plagues this stage of their lives!

If  you would like to learn about the magic, secret "Sister Circles". Please join us today! 

Loads of love to you all!

Renee xxx