Who the Frick is this "Wild Woman?"

Do you know you were born to be wild? Yes!! I am talking about the crazy eyes kinda wild! The kind of wild, which drives you to live life on the edge.  That inspires you to take huge risks! To chase that feeling of love because you know the lessons will be so worth it! That encourages you to dive face first down plummeting into the darkest depths of your soul.  I mean the kind of wild that is so unique, so damn fearless and free!  The kind of wild that frightens off predators that they run away and hide! The type of wild that doesn’t give a shit about what anyone else has to say or thinks about them! This kind of wild howls at the full moon every month! The kind of wild that is real, raw and honest! It’s the kind that screams in your face, “This is who I am and if you don’t like it! Go................!"(You can fill in the blank).

Well, you get the message right!

This week I’m going to invite you on an epic adventure! Where together, we will explore the mysteries of the wild woman! I will take you on a guided tour of this beautiful sacred mountain. It is on this mountain you will soon discover someone pretty special. She lives in a cave high up on the mountain all on her own. This someone you might even start to recognize.  On the way there, we will make a few short stops at some mind blowing sights that will show you exactly when and how this wild woman became a prisoner in her cave.  It is on the way there, that you will discover the ancient sacred secret on how YOU can rescue her! Yes, you can!

So let’s get started! It kills me every day to hear so many of my young clients saying things like, “I can’t afford”, “I can’t leave”, “I’m not good enough”, “I couldn’t be bothered”, ”I can’t control it”, “Why me?”. These sentences expressed verbally or as self-talk are the cries of the domesticated, the sad songs of the tame, the screams of the imprisoned wild woman. It is the fact that no one is taking notice of her, listening to her calls out for help, coming to her rescue that she is now becoming very, very, very sick!

But the first thing you should know is how she came to live up here. So, let’s have a look for it shall we! It’s a bit dark on the mountain so let’s stick together!

OK, there it is! See it! Let’s stop here.

When you were born your beautiful innocent mind was a blank slate. Crystal clear like water gushing down a waterfall. Green and fresh like the rain forest in early spring. Bright with unconditional trust and love like an island sunrise. Your nature was to be kind to everyone and most importantly you were kind to yourself. You were the embodiment of a true wild nature. You didn’t have a care in the world, no negative thoughts, no self-limiting beliefs, you had peace of mind. You were born a true wild child. You were born to be unique. You were born to be fearless.  You were born to be free. I want to show you that this wild child is still very much alive inside of you.  She has now grown into a beautiful young woman and she desperately wants to run free with you so you can be happy and live life at your full potential as one!  

I am so glad the moon is out to guide us tonight! It really helps illuminate these beautiful places! OK let’s head up the path a bit further to our next stop!  

I want to remind you of something first; your inner wild child has always been with you. She has never left you. Remember the times when you liked to have fun, when you enjoyed playing,  laughing, having a good cry, when you said sorry, when you made new friends, when you explored, when you made discoveries,  when you learnt new things, when you spoke up for yourself, when you asked for help, when you told others what you need. That was her! That was your true wildest heart running free! You were fearless in those moments! Come on! I’m sure you can remember!  Yes, there they are! So many beautiful memories of how wild you REALLY are!

OK, let’s try jumping over this now and see what’s on the other side! Ah yes, right this way! It's OK to jump. I've got you! Can you see were we are? We have arrived at the real story of what happened to your inner wild child for her to end up here! 

Did you know that fear slowly creeps in at around age five and it actually starts from the messages we receive in our childhood? Starting with our caregivers, then every important person in our lives would soon start to impart their ideas on what we should fear, the media, TV and advertising do a great job of this, our teachers, our peers, our workplaces and our experiences start to shape all the things we would eventually fear as adults. I call these fear messages “Wild Woman Poison Ivy.” It’s our relationship with fear that actually predetermines what choices we make in our lives. It’s actually quite remarkable how she has managed to survive so long up here with so much wild woman poison ivy you digest every day!

Which brings us to the final stop on our adventure to the top of the mountain. It is here you will see the sacred cave where she lives!

Many women just like her have just been barely surviving, some simply existing, on auto pilot, completely unaware of the power they possess, their wild dreams locked away, their true voices silenced, their strength forgotten.  It’s our responsibility as sisters to remind each other of our true nature! Because you might not realize it now but your happiness is kind of a pretty big deal! It’s time to make the journey my beautiful sister to liberate her! Because your dreams can only be achieved when you find the courage to take action to free your inner wild woman!

She is calling you. Will you answer her call? I believe in you but do you believe in your self?

 When you’re ready to be your own heroine give me a call. Loads of Love to you!