Did you know there are many different forms of Meditation?

Are you not into the idea of sitting still for fifteen minutes? 

Then this 'live gig' style of meditation might be for you! I checked out "The Mantra Room" last night to learn about 'Kirtan.'

As an interfaith believer I appreciate the common thread that runs throughout all belief systems and human hearts which is the pursuit of happiness and unconditional love. I am always on the path to exploring and discovering different approaches to healing. I love it!

My long time friend Justin Stafford told me about the wonderful healing he experiences through the power of chant. I looked for a group in my area and so discovered "The Mantra Room" at West End, Brisbane. The Mantra Room offers 'Kirtan' three nights a week to the public for a donation of $5 which includes entry, a great performance, a fun, dynamic, group meditation and a yummy healthy vegetarian meal!

I like to travel solo to these sorts of events most of the time to maintain my open presence to new experiences and new people. So if you feel like you might have to convince someone to go with you. Just go solo. You will have more fun! 

When I arrived I was greeted warmly. I paid my donation into a wooden box on the wall. I took my thongs off at the door like everyone else. I picked up a cushion and sat down the front so I could have a good view of the band. Most people chose to seat themselves in chairs. The band played soft, melodic, songs where the singers would sing the verses and the group would sing it back. Some songs went for up to 30 minutes! I felt very safe, warm, confident and comfortable sitting with a group of strangers singing songs I had never heard before. I sang with all my heart and even got up and had a dance after watching half the group join in. I felt zero judgement of others and best of all I felt no self judgement. After two hours of exercising my diaphragm as well as my body I joined the group for a healthy vegetarian meal.

I knew I connected with the Lead Singer as she performed. She came and sat with me and introduced herself as Gayatri and asked if she could join me for dinner. She was a lovely lady who happens to be an important person at the Centre. I was curious about this Australian Woman with an Indian name and a belief that originated in India if she has lived in India. She told me she had never been even after she had been offered free trip to go. She explained she felt her belief in her heart and didn't feel the need. I spoke about my experience of India and how I had been searching for a spiritual experience over there but did not find it. We laughed.

She spoke about her struggle with confidence after experiencing a leg reconstruction returning to teaching yoga and singing in the band. I met two lovely yoga instructor's who also began to join in on the topic of confidence and how it felt to start out teaching yoga classes. How refreshing it was to meet these women in their 50's discussing their anxiety as leaders. Even more refreshing it was to observe no one trying to force feed any particular right way vision on to anyone or have me sign up to anything. I thanked the ladies for having me and for the wonderful food and company and wished them a great week.

I left feeling accepted and praised from the inside out. I drove home with a smile on my face noticing the mind, body, spirit of nourishment. I would highly recommend trying 'Kirtan' to anyone looking for a dynamic, social meditation experience.

If you feel fear or other people's fear (fear of the uncertain or of others opinions) holding you back. Just remember you are in control of your choices. No one can make you do anything. It is your journey to seek out your own answers. Namaste.